Rule 1

  • Respect: Disrespectful behavior is not tolerated. Meaning name calling, being rude, etc.
  • Assume Good Faith: The first time you notice someone breaking the rules don't be rude and call then off. Ask then nicely to stop or ask them if they don't know. If they dont kindly inform them
  • Net Speak: Words that are used for shortcuts are not allowed. Like saying "r" for "are" or "u" for "you" isn't allowed. Or any other variation of a word.
  • Sockpuppetry: Sockpuppetry(Or refered to as "socks:) is when a ban/blocked user makes a new account to evade. Anyone who knows and has proof of this has to tell an admin or chat moderator. If they know about it and protect that user. They will get banned/blocked.  The "socks" will get an infinte ban on that account and it will also add to the block/ban on their primary account

Rule 2

  • Role-Playing: Roleplaying isn't allowed as it clogs up chat. And people get confused on what you are talking about
  • Fan-fiction: Posting fan-fiction isn't permitted on the chatroom. Even if another user request it; it shouldn't be allowed or it will be resulted in a ban/block
  • Advertising: Asking someone to join their wiki or join their websites is not allowed. And constantly asking them to join isn't allowed
  • Spamming: Spamming isn't allowed. It comes in many forms. Like posting a link many times when a user request for you to stop. Pasting song lyrics, websites etc.

Rule 3

  • Flooding: Is constantly posting back-to-back without stop isn't allowed or you will result in a ban/block.
  • Refusing: Now many of you might think this is for saying yes to everything its not. This is for when someone is on a topic and another person refuses to go back to another topic
  • Personal Attacks: Personal Attacks are never permitted. They are considered harasment which would voilate " Assume Good Faith".
  • Caps Lock: Caps lock is considered as yelling which some might deem offensive.

Rule 4

  • Asking for age: This is definatly not allowed. And is very inappropiate. If someone catches you do this its an immedate ban
  • Cursing: To some aspects it allowed but never to a sexual reference. Not words (i.e cunt, cum, penis, vagina, etc). As mild words are allowed
  • Sexual Acts: This is a rule that should never be enforced on. No sexual acts in the chatroom or its an immediate ban/block