Nepeta Leijon
Gender Female
Age 15
District 3
Date of Birth 8/15/96
Weapons Wire, Electrocution, Axe
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Blonde with green highlights
Height 5'5
Occupation Tribute
Nepeta is the female tribute from District 3. 


Name: Nepeta Leijon

Age: 16

District: 3

Gender: Female

Weapons: Wire, Axe or Electricutes people

Strengths: Running, Building

Weaknesses: Swimming

Fears: Arachnophobia

Token: A small elctro-magnet

Allies: District 7 and District 9

Backstory: Nepeta Leijon was born on August 15 1996. She is a Leo. When Nepeta was 5 years old she found a necklace with the zodiac Leo sign on it. She has been fascinated about astrology ever since. When she was 7 she did a huge project about Astrology and its signs her biggest report on it was the Leo. About 2 years later she found a sick cat on the street with fleas all over it and took pity on it. She then went home and fed and took care of the cat. She asked her mother is she could keep and after hours of begging and crying she finally agreed. She then named the cat "Pounce de Leon" a pun of the explorer "Pont de Leon" who discovered the place where they live now. Nepeta is over protective about Pounce de Leon she takes him everywhere they go. Once when she was 10 she had to go to school; but they didn't allow pets on school grounds so she hid him in her school pack. About half-way through the school Pounce de Leon escaped and reeked havoc on the school. Unfortunately Nepeta was expelled and never allowed to back on school grounds again. Her family was then forced to move to the north side of District 3 since that was the only school in their district. They bought a two story house in a neighborhood that was in an enclose area that only people with pass codes come on in. So Nepeta went to a school right across her neighborhood after one day of being there she begged her parents to make her go to another one; but they refused saying that this her last chance or they get rid of Pounce de Leon. She then started to wear knitted hats and gym gloves. She dyed part of her hair green since that is the color Leo sign. At 12 Nepeta was a totally different person more like a rebel. She listened to rock music and often sneaked out of the house to hangout with a bad group of "friends" she called them. Then a few months later came the reapings. This was the year that Nepeta dreaded the most. She got there early and prayed she would get reaped. She was lucky; but the District 3 tributes weren't. The highest they got that year was 19th place with the female placing that. The same happened for a few years. Nepeta hasn't been reaped until she came to 15 years old

Personality: Nice, Kind a bit ditsy

Height: 5'7

Bloodbath Strategy: Run and get her supplies and try not to get close to a career tribute

Games Strategy: