Welcome to The Hunger Games Fanon Wiki!

The Hunger Games Fanon Wiki is a place for you to create fanon/tributes relating to The Hunger Games. Share you fan-made stories, characters, games, and other creations on this wiki! Just Click the "Add a Page" button and create a page in a snap! Or click the "Edit" button at the top of a page anytime to make changes! Oh, and happy hunting!

Welcome to The Hunger Games Fanon Wiki!

Once you're tribute is accepted don't be shy and create a new article! You can roleplay with them on the talk or just make them for fun so people can see! 

Featured Tribute of The Month

Aradia Megido!Edit

Congratulations to the User who made that tribute! We will be making a poll each month.


It's very simple. All you have do is go to the

Tribute page and make your own Tribute. Then Admins, Chat mods etc. Can see if it's good enough and you will be able to make a tribute. If you have problems with Making your tribute contact AW3WOM3 S4MU3L. If you have a problem with other things like pictures,tributes MediaWiki etc. Contact him or me and we will see what you need help with.


Like all wiki's this one has rules. They are located here. Like said fail to follow these rules will result in a ban/block from the wiki. 


There are also rules for fanon. They are located here . We have this rule because we don't want to have a but-load of fanon's going on at the same time. Also you make create you own character to be in your fanon or someone can put their character in yours. If the tribute dies they do not die of the wiki. And if they win they will be considered a victor and won't be able to partcipate in games anymore they then will be mentors.